Why Us

We encourage customers to…

Reach out to us directly if a product is not currently listed. If a product is not listed, please contact us, we will try to source / develop this for you
When securing new products we:

  • Consider sourcing from domestic & international locations
  • Assess product quality and price
  • Identify and qualify suppliers based on business ethics, reliability and accountability
  • Conduct supplier visits, due diligence, and support sample testing

Our goal is to provide high quality products at a competitive price strengthening our customer’s supply chain while expanding product options.

Multi-Purpose Facilities Available

Unit Process

Sulphonation, Chlorosulphonation, Nitration (With and Without Solvents), Catalytic Nitration, Aminations, Alkali Fusion, Halogenations, Friedel-crafts Reactions, Oxidations, Alkylation, Hydrazine Chemistry, Ureidations& Urea Fusion, Diazo-coupling Reactions, Cyclisation, Hoffman Degradation, Condensations, Esterification.

Unit Operations

Distillation Simple, Fractional and Steam, Separation/Crystallization, Mixing/Agitation Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Solid, Liquid-Gaseous, Various Filtrations Normal to Micro filtration, Extractions, Evaporation


Heating up to 250°C and Chilling up to -20°C

Pilot Facilities

CS/SS/GL Reactors of 100-250 Litres, Autoclaves, PP Reactors, Distillation columns, DM Water Plant, Filtration Equipment, Normal and Vacuum Driers, All supportive equipment

Testing Facilities

Full fledged laboratory having various modern testing facilities pertaining to our products such as as Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography .T.L.C, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Colour matching etc

Semi-Pilot Facilities

Set up available for 1-20 Litres as well


We offer warehousing options from coast to coast. Our solid relationships with warehouses across the country eliminate any concerns of paying for space that is not needed. Our comprehensive database almost instantly provides us with the information to accommodate the requirements of your distribution chain and minimize your expenditures.


We provide many companies with the option to re-package bulk material into smaller containers such as totes, drums, super sacks and pallets. This lends an extra layer of flexibility to our customers. Our re-packaging services enables our customers to supply specific volumes to a single locations or to ship re-packaged items to multiple facilities domestically as well as internationally.

Full Product List

We offer a wide range of products covering all industry sectors, SDS`s are available on request. If you can’t find the product you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us as we still may be able to source the product for you.

Other Factors

Representative offices in Dubai (to cater to Europe and Middle East, Africa) and Mumbai (to cater to local demands, Far East and Americas)

We provide a diverse range of products and can do so on confidential and exclusivity basis. We can help reduce procurement cost for our customers.

We have more than 20years experience in sourcing / developing tailor made solutions to deliver competitive advantages to our customers. We achieve this by operating with carefully selected Small and Medium Enterprises over the last two decades that make high quality products and assisting them with finance related services for raw material procurement and/or credit utilities as well as operational equities.

We also provide third party sampling or testing as per the requirements of our customers. Strategically planned logistics network, different modes of transportation (road transport / sea transport / train transport) as per the needs of pour customers

Storage facilities available to ensure ready supply of materials at customer’s doorstep

Efficient team work
Timely delivery of product consignments

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